How it Works

Welcome to Moonit — the most immersive casual dating site in the world.

Part matchmaking service, part augmented reality, and part pure entertainment, Moonit has one goal — to pair people of similar interests and provide every tool they need to interact, reach out, and ultimately, connect.

Here’s How Moonit Works

When you sign up to Moonit, you’ll supply some basic information: email, age, location, a quick bio, and a profile picture. Once that’s submitted for admin approval, Moonit will ask you a series of “yes” or “no” questions, so the algorithm can get an idea of who you are — and more importantly, who you’re looking to match up with — on a physical, intellectual, and emotional level.

At that point, you’re in, and have access to the full suite of services Moonit has to offer. Want to add some pictures or videos to your profile? Awesome. Want to reach out to someone in a chat room or in a direct message? Done. Want to create a custom 3D avatar and connect in augmented reality? Features like Games, 3D City, and Street Chat are limited only by your imagination. “Hot or Not” lets you narrow down the options a la swipe-right-or-left. You can even invite your friends from Facebook to join in.

Moonit is also packed with a suite of communication tools. There’s no need to bounce offline and exchange Snapchat or WhatsApp info — text, voice, and video are all included, so click, and you’re connected.

By the way… Moonit is free. But, there are some upgrades you can buy if you want the full experience. Monthly subscription packages let you kill the ads, see who likes you, browse invisibly, video chat, and open up advanced search options to narrow down the field. And, if you want to give your profile a boost, you can even buy credits to put yourself out in front of the pack.

Don’t think of Moonit as a casual dating site. Think of Moonit as the world’s largest online nightclub — a place to see, be seen... and to have the night of your life.

Moonit 3D City Penthouse

3D City

An art museum. A private theater. A cocktail party in an ultra-luxe penthouse. An underground club. 3D City puts you there, right from your screen.

Available to all Moonit members, 3D city is an immersive augmented reality experience that allows users to connect in rich, detailed, fully realized environments.

It starts with your avatar — a customized three-dimensional presence that serves as your online doppelganger. Once this avatar is constructed, send it out into the world. If you’re feeling a connection with a match you’ve met on Moonit? Simply agree on a time to meet up, and a virtual location that intrigues both of you.

Street Chat

The Eiffel Tower. The Sydney Opera House. Big Ben. Or maybe, in front of your apartment. The options are, literally, as vast as the world itself.

Street chat is only as far away as the few minutes it takes to construct a custom avatar. Then, once you’ve met someone on Moonit you’d like to get to know better, invite them to your location. Or, go to theirs. Based on street view technology, Street Chat allows you and a date to casually chat while wandering the avenues and alleys of any location on Earth.

So, share your neighborhood with a date in real time. Or, check out some new spot on the globe neither of you has ever experienced. The choice is yours, with Street Chat.

Chat Rooms

Moonit wouldn’t be complete without chat rooms. Covering a variety of topics, Moonit’s chat rooms are administrator-created, and span a range of interests, including General Chat, Love, Sex, Entertainment & News, Coronavirus… The list goes on, and Moonit is adding more all the time. Craft your opening line in advance, and stand out from the crowd.

Hot or Not

A throwback to the origins of “swipe left or swipe right,” Hot or Not allows you to see potential dates in your area, and give them a simple yes or no answer. If you’re just not that into them? Click the “No” button. If they’re someone you want to get to know better? Click “Yes.” If they click yes, too? It’s a match — time to prepare your first impression.