About Moonit

Moonit Video Chat

This is Moonit. The world’s most immersive casual dating service.

Think of a normal online dating experience. A picture, a profile, some direct messages, and... that’s it. 

Moonit is different. Moonit is way bigger. A comprehensive dating universe, Moonit is more like a global nightclub than a casual hookup site. Complete with entertainment, diversions, and built-in fun, the goal of Moonit is simple: to match you with a person on all the levels that matter — physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Once you’ve found the profile of someone who resonates with you, Moonit provides options to get to know each other better. Text, voice, and video are all built in — but like we said, Moonit is more.

First, filter your options by gender, age, location, interest, and compatibility. Then, once you meet a potential match, you can:

  • Meet with them in 3D City, a fully realized universe of virtual environments where you and you and a date’s avatars can interact, chat, and get closer.
  • Bump into them on Street Chat. Based on street view technology, Street Chat allows Moonit users’ avatars to interact on any street on earth — from your own town, to a city on the other side of the globe.
  • Hit up a “virtual arcade” with Games, where you and a new acquaintance can compete at everything from chess, to zooming along a futuristic racetrack.

Still searching for that special someone? Moonit is packed with features that allow you to narrow down the options and find “the one.” Features like,

  • Hot or Not — a yes-or-no feature that allows you to sort through potential dates in your area and decide if they’re worth passing on, or if they’re someone you would like to get to know better. If you both hit “yes,” it’s a match!
  • Chat Rooms, which allow like-minded individuals to come together and share themselves with the group. From general chat to NSFW rooms, and everything in between, there’s a group for everyone.
  • Search filtering, which allows users to narrow down potential dates based on a variety of criteria.

The idea behind Moonit is simple: to find a match who is compatible on a variety of different levels — and to have the night of your life while doing it.